Online support

Get immediate access to our proven online training and support programmes.

Successful Supervisors

Successful Supervisors

Simple, flexible, bite-sized behaviour training for the lunchtime supervisors in your primary school

  • We guide your supervisors through a set of simple behaviour strategies they can use immediately
  • Includes exclusive bonus content
  • Everything you need is ready and waiting
Lunchtime masterplan

The lunchtime masterplan

You're about to follow a step-by-step masterplan for transforming lunchtimes in your school

  • Get our tested, systematic approach to improving behaviour at lunchtimes
  • Your masterplan will focus on the causes of poor lunchtime behaviour, rather than the symptoms
  • Includes 37 proven solutions to challenges at lunchtimes
Problem-free Playtimes

Problem-free playtimes

Get the children in your school engaged in a range of fun and interactive activities

  • Designed to help supervisors lead and managed playground games confidently
  • Includes 27 fun, easy to follow games that need little (or no) equipment
  • Includes a comprehensive list of resources and sports activities (other than football) to diversify children's interests

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On site support

Face-to-face support, provided in person, on your school site. These services are only available in the Midlands, UK.

On site training

On site training

So your staff are more able to manage challenging behaviour and improve progress in their classrooms

On site behaviour advice

Behaviour advice

Simple, practical advice about improvement of any aspect of behaviour in school (including policy and practise, classroom observation and feedback, and support with EHCPs)

Behaviour audits

Behaviour audits

Get independent evidence about how well behaviour and safety are managed at your school (and a clear set of action points for improvement)

Behaviour audits

Lunchtime behaviour audits

Gives you similar benefits to a behaviour audit, but with a specific focus on lunchtimes at your school